Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jeanie in March 2008

Some new pictures of Jeanie . . . taken a couple of days ago.

Not looking happy at all after a bath. She prefers to romp around the house trying to get everyone wet as well.

Colorful caterpillar

A fierce looking caterpillar was seen munching on the leaves of our potted plants . . . 

Blue lilies, Red lilies and more flowers

The change of season has brought in another set of flowers to bloom . . .

Some more pictures (from our terrace).

Blue lily

Blue lily at a different angle

Red lily silhouetted against the sky

Close up of a red lily

Close up of a yellow hibiscus
Some more pictures

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A marriage

Attended a family friends daughter's marriage over the last three days in Feb this year. Made the most of it by taking the opportunity of taking some unconventional pictures of a traditional Bengali wedding.

Hope you like them . . .

A study in B&W.

The color version.

and some more portraits . . .

The girl's father

A relative during the ceremony. The mood is definitely sombre.

Tatu during the ceremony

The ashirvad ceremony . . .

Other assorted pictures

The "Haldi Ceremony"

Tatu and Tanaji