Sunday, March 14, 2010


Got a chance to photograph these top-birds at our ‘Open Day’ programme organized by our Company at the beach camp.

Falconery is still in practice in the Middle East and is used for hunting small game and birds. These falcons are used for hunting.
.Falcons in Saudi ArabiaSitting calmly on a perch in a traditional Arab tent

Falcons in Saudi ArabiaHooded.. so that they keep calm

Falcons in Saudi ArabiaAlmost regal

Falcons in Saudi ArabiaEmbossed hood !

Falcons in Saudi ArabiaTrying to listen to the conversation... almost !
Falcons in Saudi ArabiaThis one is almost regal in appearance..

Falcons in Saudi ArabiaAnother view

Falcons in Saudi ArabiaA pale colored falcon

Falcons in Saudi Arabia
Close up of the hood..

Falcons in Saudi ArabiaThese birds (probably sand grouse), according to the falconeer, was captured by the falcons last weekend

Falcons in Saudi ArabiaFalcons in the traditional Arab tent

Nikon D200; Nikon 18-70 f3.5-4.5 @ 400 ASA