Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ringo (Star)

We got a black labrador pup on the 1st of August (nearly two months after Jeanie’s passing). This time it is a male and we have named him Ringo i.e. Not exactly after the ex Beatle Ringo Star, but some vague film director (Bong of course), who calls himself Ringo and spends evenings judging reality shows.
Some pictures of Ringo (months 1-2).
This is Ringo in mid August 2008, sleeping under the sofa. Photographed with the Nikon D200 with the Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens.

Early August 2008. This is Ringo with my son’s slippers, which he has managed to wrestle from him. Canon EOS 400D with 18-55 kit lens. Shot on Auto with flash.

Ringo on the lap. He - at that point of time - was still recovering from a well pronounced skin rash. Shot with a Fuji Finepix s5700.

You do not need to tie Ringo up… just give him a length of stout string and he will do so himself. Shot with the Fuji s5700.

Blue eyes… trying to yank a string that had been tied to the gate. Fuji Finepix s5700.

Pick me up!!!
This is Ringo trying to get on to my writing table. The stuff on the table was looking invitingly chewable. Fuji Finepix s5700.
This is the face immediately after, when he realized that the mouse and the keyboard that he was eyeing was out of reach. Fuji Finepix s5700.

I protest!!!

Shot with the Fuji s5700.

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