Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bahrain F1

The Bahrain F1 Championship flyer in the seat pocket of the A340 flight from Bahrain to New Delhi had an interesting point - the Bahrain F1 contributed 3% of Bahrain’s GDP last year. So, this year Bahrain has gone the whole hog to promote the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix.

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The promotion at the Bahrain Airport was brilliant, with Felipe Massa’s Ferrari F1 car on display inside the Airport terminal, next to the Bahrain Duty Free.

Felipe Massa's Ferrari F1 Car. on display at Bahrain Airport.
This was my first view of a F1 car from inches away.. a real touch but not try!!!

A low slung 600 hp monster

Ferrari !!!

This is how it looks from close to the driver seat.

Oooops . . . way too many buttons . . .
Will the white knob in the center of the steering wheel with the Ferrari logo start the car???

A really small cockpit...

Can you read it??? It says "Massa"

You can win this car for BD50.
The Merc was on display when I transited through Bahrain Airport en route to Kolkata

Looks familiar... this is just next to the Bahrain Duty Free shops selling chocolates and drinks...

It is nearly a year after our Egypt trip and I was feeling that I was missing my old colleagues.

F1 t-shirts on sale

Bahrain Duty Free

Nikon D200 18-55 Nikon Lens

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