Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Calcutta - a set of random images

A set of pictures taken at random in Calcutta during the last two weeks. There is no thread nor are the pictures connected in any way  . . .  except for the fact that the common theme is Calcutta.

New Town .. taken when coming home from the airport. Have been hearing lately that this is to be named Jyoti Basu Nagar. 
Isn't it rather apt? 
Built on fertile multi-crop land and handed to developers - throwing aside the idea of the land ceiling act - who are building condos that sell for close to a crore. A real case of neo-liberalization?

Next to the Race Course. A green Calcutta?

Park Street on a Sunday

Esplanade. In front of the new Police Memorial.

Taken during a brief lull from the rains. The Esplanade Mansions under an azure blue sky.

A heritage building on Park Street

Devilled Crabs at Mocambo

The skies over Calcutta on Sunday last

Panasonic FS62