Sunday, May 4, 2008

Homeward Bound - Pictures from the aircraft and the airports

Homeward bound . . .

Cairo Airport . . . a quaint little airport

Smoking area and eating area are the gas chambers . . . making it the most smoker friendly airport I've seen.

From the aircraft window.
A view of the tarmac. A Quantas flight has just landed.

It just occurred that Egypt is mostly desert.

Just sand and sand

Over the Red Sea

Lamborghini at the Bahrain Duty Free.

Bahrain Duty Free - on seeing the prices I wondered if the duty was included in the price. The Canon EOS 400D was priced at a whopping $1459 US, nearly 1.5x the price in Calcutta. Add to that the duty one has to pay in the airport. You can possibly pick up a Nikon D300 at the end price.

A Porsche at the Bahrain Duty Free

A Courvoisier VS Cognac was $50 or thereabouts at Bahrain. Needless to say, the cheapest deal was at the Chennai International Airport - approx 40% cheaper than Bahrain.

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