Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nile Cruise

A cruise on the river Nile. . .

"The Pharaohs" - a theme restaurant on the Nile - from where we started our cruise. The cruise boat is parked on the right hand side.

Decorations on the side of the boat

Entertainment . . . belly dancing

Accompanied by Egyptian musicians, a whirling dervish spins on the dance floor of the cruise boat on the Nile. Dervishes, traditionally members of the Sufi Muslim sect, which originated in Turkey, perform their order's ritual prayer by spinning.

I felt this was a majorly jazzed up version.

A bank of photographers trying to get a piece of the action . . .

The dancer asks one of our colleagues to try out the dance

. . . and she tries it out . . .

Another cruise boat on the Nile and a Police launch hovering close by

A view from the boat . . the Grand Hyatt Cairo

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