Sunday, October 30, 2011


On the 25th of October, a neighborhood driver cum durwan, his boss - the car owner, his sister-in-law and her son were traveling via Singur, West Bengal, when a truck laden with sand ploughed into the car. The car owner and his driver died in the crash.

The durwan had a pet dog "Lalu", who I'm told, had jumped on the bonnet of the car to stop them before they drove off to their destiny.

Lalu watches patiently as the durwan's family members gather up his clothes, his bric-a-brac and discard the rest before they leave for their hometown

Mourning as he lies among his master's discarded stuff

He had not eaten anything since morning except for some biscuits from his master's daughter and still refused to do so . . . preferring to curl up among his master's discarded junk.

The pictures have been taken with a Nokia E5 and hence the quality.

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