Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puja 2011 : Sandhi Puja

Sandhi Pujo at the New Alipore Association Puja yesterday night (or better very early morning today) between 00.50 Hrs and 01.38 Hrs. In contrast to the earlier years, the pandal seemed quite full, which was a surprise considering the time of the Pujo.

After a lot of thought, I put the D300 away and decided to experiment with the m4/3 Panasonic G1 for shooting during the Pujo. I am quite amazed at the quality of pictures that I have got. Needless to say, the VR in the lens also helped.

There you have it. Sandhi Pujo with a m 4/3 Panasonic G1.

This picture sums up the Sandhi Pujo. The 108 lamps and Debi Durga in the background during the rituals. 

The start of the Sandhi Pujo

The rituals

Another angle. The dhaakis were too loud and hence the change in position !

The rituals again

The lighting of the 108 lamps

108 lotuses used during the pujas

Still lighting the 108 lamps








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